Home Remedies For Ingrown Hair In Nose: What Are Its Symptoms?

An ingrown hair is extremely painful condition of nose which develops when the trimmed hair curls back inside the skin of nose. It may also grow sideways beneath the skin. In majority of people nasal ingrown hair occurs due to faulty pattern of shaving and trimming hair inside the nose.

As a matter of fact ingrown hair can develop anywhere on the skin, but when present inside the nose, it is quite distressing. Hair in the nose grows inwards when the dirt inside the nose plugs the hair follicle and thus it gets blocked.

It can also develop when the hair is shaved or trimmed in the opposite direction of its natural growth. The follicle can get blocked as a result.

A bump or a pimple may develop inside the nose which is tender to touch. The outside of nose too becomes swollen and red. It is essential to treat ingrown hair in the nose promptly to prevent further worsening of symptoms.

Symptoms Of Ingrown Hair In Nose

An ingrown hair in nose occurs when the hair is plucked from the root, which many people do when the hair grows out in the nose.

It also develops due to improper trimming. The nasal passage is narrow and it does not have enough space for lubrication. Often the nasal hair is trimmed without any lubrication. The sharp edges of hair will grow in any direction sometimes curling inside the skin resulting in ingrown hair.

The three characteristic symptoms of ingrown hair in nose are pain, swelling, redness and itching. An ingrown hair in nasal cavity is extremely painful. Even slightest touch is unbearable. The pain is throbbing and pulsating. Often it may result in headache. A small pimple may develop at the site of ingrown hair. The area becomes red and hot.

Even the outside of nose turn red and swollen on the affected side. There may be watery or thick yellow discharge from the nose. Some patients complain of terrible itching inside the affect nostril. There is risk of secondary bacterial infection if patient scratches inside the nose. It is often a staphylococcus bacterial infection as these germs are found in nasal cavity. The nose becomes fiery red and swollen.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair

The treatment of ingrown hair in nose is same as treating ingrown hair anywhere on the skin. Usually over a period of time, the condition heals on its own.  However, bearing in mind the distressing pain and swelling, there are ways which can be adopted to enhance the healing process and minimize the suffering.

One of the simple ways is hot compresses inside and outside the nose.

  • Fill a container with two or three glasses of water. Keep the container on stove to heat it. Now dip a soft cloth in the hot water till it gets soaked. Now wring the cloth and place it over the affected nostril. Take precaution that the water is not too hot. Once the cloth becomes cool repeat the procedure once again. Do this at least two to three times in a day.
  • The wet hot cloth can be inserted inside the nose. Press it gently against the ingrown hair. Leave the cloth for few minutes until it becomes cool.
  • Do the procedure frequently to moisten the area and increase the blood circulation.
  • Place the wet cloth on the tip of your finger and rub it gently in circular motion to facilitate the release of ingrown hair. Check if the hair has come out on the clot. If it has not come out try doing it for few more times until the hair is released. Sometimes small amount of pus and mucus may accompany the hair.
  • Apply an antibiotic ointment inside the nose in the area of ingrown hair to prevent secondary bacterial infection. It also helps to reduce swelling and pain and enhance the healing.