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Blood pressure is the pressure of circulating blood exerted on the arterial wall. Low blood pressure is a condition in which the blood pressure is lower than normal. You may have come across adults having high or low blood pressure. …

Every woman during her pregnancy must know that whatever she eats and drinks passes on to the fetus inside her womb through the placenta. Use of illicit drugs or alcohol during pregnancy can produce numerous health issues for the baby …

Melatonin is a natural hormone secreted in our body. It is secreted by pineal gland present in the brain.

Pineal gland in the brain is responsible for maintaining our sleep cycle. As soon as it turns dark, the pineal gland …

Children have started showing an increase in aggression and anger. The steady bombardment of violent images on the T.V., movies, video games, internet, and newspapers affect children. Children feel anger is the only solution to most problems. Thus anger management …

Sepsis is a serious disorder caused due to bacterial infection in the body. In fact it is a complication of bacterial infection. It is a systemic response to an infection. Sepsis occurs when the toxins are released by the bacteria …

In today‚Äôs modern scenario, rise in childhood obesity is an undeniable fact; as is the fact that children as young as fifteen or sixteen are found to have narrow arteries and high blood pressure. Add to that, the stress of …

Premature Baby Growth

Parents of premature baby should keep a close watch on his development. Generally a premature child is kept in a specialized care unit called NICU as soon as he is born. NICU is neonatal intensive care unit. …

Children Blinking Excessively

Blinking of eyes is a normal physiological phenomenon. It is present in children as well as in adults. According to ophthalmologists, our eyes blink normally 15 to 20 times in a minute. You may observe some children

What is Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is disability in learning and understanding mathematics. It is a learning disability in a child to comprehend math symbol and letters. He is unable to perform the basic math calculations.

The learning disability such as dyscalculia …

Average Kids Weight, Height By Age

Children, even those who have the same age and gender, grow at very different rates. There are those who grow really fast while there are also those who grow really slow.

The Growth of

Question: What is the right age for a child to use a peak-flow meter? Which are the other ways a child can contribute and participate in self-care?

Answer: Asthma and wheezing are among the top ten factors of illness why …

When a person is diagnosed with personality disorder, this basically means that he is suffering from a mental ailment that is characterized by patterns of emotional instability, rapidly shifting moods, and impulsive actions that can result in chaotic relationships. Personality …

Newborn Hiccups Remedy

Newborn hiccups after feeding can be due to the following causes:

  • Sudden irritation or stimulation of the muscles in the diaphragm resulting to contractions, which is commonly called hiccups.
  • Breast milk, baby foods, or formula milk
  • Sudden

Neonatal Sepsis Causes

The causes of neonatal sepsis include the following:

  • Streptococcus infection of the mother during pregnancy
  • Premature delivery
  • Unhygienic vaginal checkups during pregnancy
  • Infection of the placenta tissues and amniotic fluid
  • Breakage of placenta tissues that lasts for

Antrochoanal Polyps In Children Treatment, Symptoms

  • Antrochoanal polyps are non cancerous growth arising from the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus, and reach the opening of the sinus in the nasal cavity.
  • The main symptom of antrochoanal polyp in children

Babies and infants are susceptible to many skin problems and one such condition is rash which is frequently seen in deep creases of the skin folds, especially in neck.

Causes Of Neck Rash In Babies

  • Babies are more vulnerable to

Mother’s are more worried about their child’s appetite especially urban mothers. Most pediatrician opine that if your child is not eating enough, but is otherwise active and full of life, there is probably nothing wrong with him.

Loss Of Appetite

New born babies often suffer from gas problem. It is generally observed between 6 to 8 weeks in a baby. As the baby grows older gassy problem in babies minimize. Gassy problem in babies is equally common in breast fed …

Retractile Testicle

What is retractile testicles? Occurring during the pre-natal period, a retractile testicle happens when the baby is still developing in the womb. This condition is a typical sign of incomplete sexual development in babies. When the testicle has …

Causes of Enlarged Heart in Children

The medical term for enlarged heart is cardiomegaly. In children the condition is result of some other underlying cause.

  • Cardiomyopathy is the main cause of enlargement of heart in children.
  • In the above condition