Hair Bumps on Vagina: Causes, Home Remedies for Ingrown Vagina Bumps

Ingrown Hair Bumps on Vagina

The occurrence of ingrown hair bumps on vagina is common to women who have thicker hair in the genital area. Although harmless, it gives a discomfort and irritating feeling. Ingrown hair bumps appear in the skin after hair removal, after cutting close to the skin, the hair creates a sharp tip that curls back or grows sideways leading to ingrown hair. It is seen as red or light-colored pimples. Sometimes they are filled with puss, occurring on the surface of the genital area.

Causes of Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair bumps on vagina causes pain, irritation, and itching to the vaginal area. There are no exact causes of ingrown hair; most commonly this appears due to improper hair removal through:

  • Not shaving correctly
  • Not taking extra precaution when waxing
  • A friction from tight clothing

Home Remedies For Vagina Hair Bumps

Here are some home remedies and treatment for hair bumps on vagina:

  • Soften the hair and skin with water before undergoing shaving. In this manner, the tip of the hair becomes duller, thus reducing the re-entering of the hair to the skin.
  • Wash the hair with moistened cloth or sponge in a circular motion to somehow force the tip away from the skin.
  • The use of salt and sugar applied to the skin can treat the redness or irritation that comes with the ingrown hair.
  • Do not shave the hair too closely to the skin to avoid creating sharp tip resulting to ingrown hair.
  • When shaving, go with the direction of the hair growth to keep the hair from growing back.
  • The best way to avoid ingrown hair bumps on vagina is by allowing the hair to grow naturally; hair prevents the bacteria or any microorganism to cause damage to the genital area.