Subtle Signs of Labor: Early Symptoms of Labor Pain, Nausea

Actual Symptoms of Labor

A pregnant woman is almost always anxious whether she will be able to make out the early-on signs of labor. Here are a few normally occurring indications that will make you ready for delivery and child birth.

Early Signs of Nausea, Labor Pain

  • The head of the baby begins to slide down in to the pelvic cavity. This is called ‘engagement’. Once engagement takes place, you can anticipate that the delivery will happen soon.
  • You will sense a heaviness / force in the pelvis.
  • Vaginal discharge, white and thick occurs. It then becomes watery and thin.
  • By and large, when women approach labor, they experience a surge of energy. But, do not over work, preserve the energy and strength, for, you will need it, when you go in to labor.
  • As you approach labor, Braxton Hick’s contractions become relatively recurrent. These contractions help prepare for child birth. To distinguish between actual labor contractions and Braxton Hick’s contractions, drink 1 glass of water.
    Then, lie down. In case the contractions settle within ten minutes, they were Braxton Hick’s contractions.
  • You may experience stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

Symptoms of Actual Labor

A muscle cap keeps the cervix sealed all through pregnancy. At delivery, this cap gets shed. The blood vessels rupture, as the cervix dilates, imparting a red color.
Break of membranes occur. The amniotic sac bursts. You will experience an odorless / colorless discharge. If the fluid has a reddish tinge, call on your gynecologist without delay.

Contractions are definite indications of the onset of labor. The contractions will be regular, frequent, and strong. You may also experience a radiating pain in the back.