Reasons For Mid Menstrual Cycle Pain: How To Prevent Pain?

Every woman sometime or the other may have experienced menstrual pain during her reproductive years. It may be mild pain and discomfort or severe pain. Some women are able to tolerate and neglect such cyclic pain; while some woman may not be able to bear it even if it is mild pain.

Pain and cramps in lower abdomen few days before, during or few days after is normal issue, some women may experience pain in the middle of their menstrual cycle. This may be a cause of concern as there are few gynecological issues involved along non gynecological causes.

It is important to detect and determine the exact cause so that necessary treatment measures can be taken to resolve this discomfort.

What Are The Causes Of Mid Menstrual Cycle Pain?

Mid menstrual cycle pain is different from what many women have pain during their periods. It is the pain that occurs when the ovary ruptures and releases egg. This pain may not occur in every woman, but some sensitive women are able to feel it. For example if a woman’s cycle is of 28 days, then such pain may occur around the 14th day of the cycle.

Mid cycle pain is also known as Mittelschmerz pain. It is also called ovulation pain. It is sharp pain which lasts for few minutes.

Mid cycle pain that occurs after release of egg is one sided. This is because only one egg is released from either of the ovary. The pain is sudden in onset without giving any warning. Some woman may have mild bleeding during this period. Some woman may also have other symptoms such as nausea if the abdominal cramp is intense.

Mostly mid menstrual pain occurs in teenage girls or among women in their twenties. However, randomly this type of pain is also observed in woman above the age of 30. Besides ovulation pain, there are other reasons which may cause pain and cramp during the mid cycle of their menstruation. This pain may be caused due to gynecological reasons or non gynecological reasons.

  • Ectopic pregnancy pain: Ectopic pregnancy is pregnancy that occurs anywhere else in the reproductive tract other than the uterus. The most common site is fallopian tube. Often the woman may not know if she is pregnant in very early stage. Mild discomfort or pain during this period is quiet common. However, pain due to ectopic pregnancy is severe and in fact it is medical emergency. If not treated on time the condition can be life threatening.
  • Women with uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or poly ovarian cystic syndrome (PCOS), may also suffer from mid cycle menstrual pain.

Non gynecological reasons:

There are many other causes that may cause pain and cramps in the lower abdomen at the time of mid menstrual cycle. This may be pain due to urinary tract infection, amoebic colitis, inflammatory bowel disorder, abdominal or back muscle strain etc. All these conditions can cause pain in lower abdomen, which may be confused with true ovulation pain.

How To Prevent Mid Menstrual Cycle Pain?

Once you have excluded pregnancy, ovulation pain can be easily treated. Mild or pain for short period may not need any treatment. If the cramp persists for few hours, over the counter anti inflammatory pain killers may be effective in reducing pain.

Placing a heating pad or hot water bottle for few minutes at an interval is natural way to ease mid menstrual cycle pain. Heat dilates the blood vessels and increases blood circulation in tensed muscle area. Heat relaxes the tensed muscles and relieves pain.

If the pain occurs every month and is severe which you are unable to bear, hormonal contraceptive pills are useful to control the pain. It prevents ovulation. If there is no ovulation, pain will be absent.

Mid cycle menses pain should not be neglected. You should consult your family physician as sometimes this pain may be due to causes such as appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy or urinary tract infection. After examination your doctor may be able to evaluate the underlying cause.

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