Why Am I Craving Sweets During My Period And How To Curb It?

A craving is an eager desire for something. It can be anything such as craving for a specific type of food, craving for wealth etc. Craving can occur when the internal system of the body demands something that it is lacking. People may crave certain food because they certainly like its taste. Some people may have craving any time while in some cases craving for something occur only during specific time such as intense desire to eat sweets and sugary food at the time of menses. This type of craving occurs periodically, meaning as soon as the periods stop the desire vanishes only to return back during the next date of period.

Many women refer menstrual cycle as a period, probably because it comes every 28 to 30 days in a normal healthy woman. Period is the time when bleeding takes place from vagina. The ovaries contain thousand of eggs of which one is released during the middle part of the menstrual cycle. If the egg is not fertilized by the sperm during this period, the uterus sheds its lining which results in blood discharge.

The cycle is repeated again and takes place after every 28 to 30 days unless the egg gets fertilized. Many women experience different problems before and during menstruation.

Some may suffer from abdomen pain, some may feel nausea and vomiting while few of them may complain of headache, depression and sleepless nights. There are some women known to have cravings for sweets and sugary food. Let us know why craving for sweets develop in some women.

Why Do We Crave Sweets During Period?

Many women are known to have increased craving for sugary foods and sweets during and before their periods. Besides sweet products some women are also known to have increased desire to eat pastas, bread items and many other carbohydrate containing foods. This craving is known to develop because of drop in blood sugar level. There are other associated concomitant symptoms such as headache, tiredness etc.

Although not established with proof, the whole episode occurs due to change in the hormonal pattern during this period. In some women there is remarkable increase of insulin sensitivity during the menstrual cycle leading to fall in their blood sugar. When this happens, the brain perceives that body needs more sugar as fuel. It indicates the body to consume more sugar.

Some women have special affinity for chocolates during this period. This may be because the taste of chocolate enhances the release of pleasure hormone called endorphins. The sugar in chocolate is known to increase serotonin, a hormone which is known to uplift the mood. Many women during their periods feel depressed and low.

How To Curb Sugar Cravings During Period?

Sweets contain too much calories and eating excessive sugar during periods may not be a healthy choice of food. If a woman has craving for sweets during periods can still fulfill her exemplary desire by eating foods that are healthy as well as nutritious.

She can opt for yogurt or a fruit which also is sweet but at the same time contains vitamins and minerals. She can also drink fresh fruit juice instead of gulping sweet candies and sweet beverages and sodas.