Types Of Benign Lumps In The Breast: Treatment For Benign Cysts

There are various factors that are responsible for benign breast lumps. Breast lumps are palpable overgrowths observed on examination of the breast tissue. These lumps can be attributed to accumulation of fluid in the tissue sac or overgrowth of fibrous of glandular tissue. In some cases, breast lumps are attributed to scar tissue or dead fat which can result in formation of breast lumps.

Benign Cysts In Breast And Treatment

Benign breast cysts are harmless fluid cysts which get accumulated in fluid filled sacs in the tissue. They may feel squishy and smooth to touch.

Experts suggest that the size of the cysts may change during the menstrual cycle.

These cysts are may be located either deep into the breast tissue, close to the chest wall or located near the surface. If the cysts are located close to the surface, it is easier to identify but if the cysts are located deep into the breast tissue it may be difficult to identify.

The treatment regimen depends upon the size of the cyst. In most cases, smaller cysts are harmless and don’t require any medical intervention. In larger cysts, a fine need aspiration using a syringe may help deflate the cyst.

However, in some cases it can be associated with recurrence.

Benign breast cysts affect women between the third and the fifth decade of life. It usually disappears after the appearance of menopause

Benign Breast Mass

Benign breast mass are also referred to as fibro adenomas, which are associated with overgrowth of the cells that support the cells of the breast. Unlike breast cysts, breast mass could fill hard and firm and tend to move around during the breast examination.

In most cases, breast mass are located close to the surface of the breast and can be felt easily.

Treatment comprises of lumpectomy or surgical removal of the lump. Laser ablation or cryoablation is done to aid in removal of the benign breast mass. Breast mass occurs in younger women or teenagers, but can also appear during pregnancy.

Benign Lumps In Breast

Benign breast lumps are scar tissue or comprise of necrotic fat or rib bone. Breast lumps can also be observed in females with silicone implants. Unlike breast mass, breast lumps don’t change in size and are usually not movable. They are relatively harder then breast mass

Also referred to as pseudo lumps, breast lumps are often located on the surface, but may be located deeper into the skin.

In most cases pseudo lumps are harmless and don’t require surgical or medical intervention. However, a biopsy is often conducted to rule out the possibility of breast cancer

Benign Breast Growths

In general benign breast growths are often associated with hormonal changes in the body. Diet is an important part of management of breast growths. Avoid processed foods and trans fats. Increase the intake of natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Homeopathic drugs like Pulsatilla and Sepia are considered to be beneficial in the management of benign breast growth.

Diagnosis is based on mammography tests or ultrasound investigations to identify the location and size of the lump.