Wet, Moist Vagina Causes | Normal, Excessive Vaginal Secretion


How does one treat too much wetness in the vagina? My vagina is always wet as though I just had sex, and this is embarrassing.


Excess Vagina Secretion

There is a normal vaginal secretion in every woman. Lubrication helps to keep vagina moist and protect it from abrasions.

Vagina can also get wet without sex, such as in exercise, and this is normal in many females. It is the dry vagina which is more worrisome rather than wet vagina.

Excessive vaginal secretion can be due to ovulation or before menstruation. This is due to hormonal changes.

If the fluid is not clear or it is yellow with foul odor than there are chances of infection or some STD if the woman is sexually active. She needs to be checked by the physician.

Thinking of sexual fantasy or desire of sex, or manual or oral stimulation can also lead to wet vagina.

Change of diet, often a plain vegetarian diet can be useful in controlling wetness of vagina.

It is advisable to consult a doctor for excessive vaginal wetness. He may send the discharge for hiastopathological investigation to rule out any disease.