Stop Menstrual Cycle | Stopping Menstruation Bleeding Cycle

Methods to Stop Menstrual Cycle:

Some people have asked if it is safe to block women’s menstrual period. The answer is yes. A lot of women would like to block their menstrual cycle because of premenstrual syndrome or PMS. Some of the inconveniences of PMS include fatigue in spite of lesser work or effort and insomnia that leaves the woman feeling high and dry.

Women dread PMS because of the anxiety, moodiness and slight depression brought by it. The swelling of the breasts and temporary enlargement of the lower abdomen could not only be inconvenient but irritating.

Some women even experience acnes and herpes when anticipating their menstruation.

Premenstrual syndrome gives women headaches that range from slight pain to severe migraine, muscular cramps in the legs, and backaches that could cripple and keep a woman stay in bed the whole day. All of these can render most women inefficient and incompetent for work.

Women want to block menstruation because PMS drives them to food binges that lead to an increase in weight or body mass. It is quite frustrating for most women too because it makes them crave for salty or sweet food, which could cause weight increase.

Getting cramps during menstruation is a strong reason why women want to block their menstruation. These crippling painful abdominal pains render even the strongest women defenseless and incapable of dealing with simple daily tasks. It brings about irritability and dourness, which women do not like.

Benefits and Dangers of Blocking Menstruation Cycle:

  • When you inhibit your prostaglandins, you induce the reduction of activity of the muscles in the uterus and ovary. This decreases the occurrence of abdominal pain. This can be achieved by taking in generic aspirin tablets and other pain medications.
  • Too much intake of medication that will block menstrual cycle can bring about contra-indications such as possible damage to the liver, vomiting, constipation, and nausea, and cause inflammation in the pelvic region. Another danger resulting from it is stomach ulcer.

How to Stop Menstruation Cycle?

  • Engage in physically strenuous activities that would have an impact on your menstrual cycle. You can do swimming, biking, jogging, and football to put more physical stress on your body. Weight lifting and other muscle building exercises could alter your menstruation cycle too.
  • If you want to interrupt your menstruation cycle without resorting to medication, you must manipulate it by changing your food habit. Eat less of refined or grounded food items such as pork and beef. Avoid too much intake of flour products.