Stop Breast Milk Production: Home Remedies to Stop Breast Milk Naturally

Question: how to stop milk secretion ? is there any natural medicine? Please tell me a home remedy to stop milk secretion.? tell me home remedy.

Answer: It is very natural for a mother’s body to take several weeks to months,  to totally stop producing breast milk. This is nature’s way of making completely certain that the baby doesn’t need milk anymore.

However, the mother may suffer from a sensation of fullness, discomfort and pain due to the engorged breasts. Also, there may be a frequent leak, which could be troublesome. It is normally recommended that you breast feed the baby for about a year, and then gradually wean him.

Then, the body stops producing milk.

Home Remedies and Natural Tips to Stop Breast Milk Secretion

  • You can express just enough milk to decrease the fullness and pain, and then apply cold packs to the breasts. This will prove to be highly beneficial.
  • An age-old remedy is applying chilled green cabbage leaves over the breasts, and replacing them every 2 – 4 hours as they wilt. This home remedy is very successfully and eases engorgement.
  • Do not let the warm / hot water flow directly on to the breasts, while in the shower, because warmth can stimulate and encourage milk flow.
    Have cold showers instead.
  • Wear a well – fitting, comfortable bra but, not a tight one. A tight bra if worn, (when milk is still flowing through the ducts), could block the milk ducts and possibly lead to mastitis, i.e. inflammation and swelling of the breasts.
  • Occasionally, just positioning the baby in a particular way, similar to breast feeding can stimulate the flow of milk, so holding the baby a different way will help lessen milk flow.
  • Even adding more layers of clothing over the chest will help dry up faster.
  • Avoid taking medications, unless really required. It is a part of the normal biological process. A consultation with your gynecologist is advised.