Sternum Pain in Female Causes | Pain Below Breast Bone in Women


Severe pain below breastbone, yellowing of eyes, dizzy, hot/cold sweats; opening bowels the other day 4/5 times (not gastroenteritis) in approx half an hour. Can you please tell me what this might be? It has been going on now for almost 1 week & not getting any better.


Breast Bone Pain

There are many causes of pain in sternum or below breast bone, but prior to finding the causes let me ask you some questions.

How old are you?

Is this the first episode of pain? Had you experienced such types of pain few months back?

Are you suffering from any other illness such as hypertension or diabetes?

Does the pain remain continuous or the pain subsides after few minutes?

Is the pain pricking needle like?

Do you have any associated symptoms like palpitation, breathing trouble?

Do you have the habit of smoking or drinking alcohol?

Few causes are:

  • Heart burn: It is one of the simplest causes the symptoms are burning chest pain under breastbone, bad taste in mouth, colic pain, and loss of appetite.
  • Reflux esophagitis: Symptoms are burning pain, vomiting, eructation, pain under breastbone.
  • Angina pain: Symptoms are high blood pressure, nausea, chest pain; sweating, vomiting, pain is pricking in the chest feeling. It is an emergency and doctor’s opinion is needed urgently, for further investigation.
  • Heart attack: Excruciating pain in the chest mostly observed on the left side of the chest or below the sternum, there is associated perspiration, breathing trouble, radiating pain to the left hand, cyanosis of the tongue and the nails. Some times vomiting. It is also one of the emergencies which require prompt treatment.
  • Peptic ulcer: The symptoms are loss of appetite, vomiting, pain below the sternum.
  • Pericarditis: Pain below the breast bone, fatigue, pain while breathing.
  • Pancreatitis: It is the inflammation of the pancreas, there is severe pain in the epigastric region and below the breastbone, vomiting is associated symptom, pulse rate are feeble, there is severe perspiration, low blood pressure.
  • Gall stone colic: There is radiation of pain from the right side of the back, vomiting may be present.

Analyzing your symptoms you need a proper medical aid to evaluate the underlying cause, visit the nearest doctor at the earliest for further evaluation as you may require further tests like complete blood count, EKG, X-ray chest etc.


  1. Z A said:

    Well I have got heaviness in my right breast and right hand seems like I am m holding a dumb bell

    This heaviness starts from shoulder till fingers of right hand, I would like to know what it is And why?

    I am 20yrs old, This has been happening to me since 8months, My doc suggests to take half of gabbolin tablet once in three day, this medication is quite nauseating, Feel like my hands just hanging and somebody can pull it!

    January 30, 2011
  2. Faye Williams said:

    I’m 75, a diabetic and obese. Yesterday, I fell off a ladder about 3 to 4 feet on to my side. However, my sternum hurts when I breathe. It isn’t severe pain. It hurts a little while resting and more when I bend over for lifting. I did not go to a hospital. I know I should have but I absolutely hate all the prodding and institutional procedures.
    I hurt my ankles, back of right leg and have irritated my rotator cuff but I can live with those.
    I think I just squeezed my sternum between my breasts really hard when I fell. Can you suggest any home remedies?

    January 3, 2017

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