Vaginal Sebaceous Causes, Home Remedies | Sebaceous Cyst Vaginal Area

A sebaceous vaginal cyst is a lump or could be a bump right under the vaginal skin. They are blocked vaginal sebaceous glands that contain keratin that looks like cheesy or pasty protein that usually goes with foul smell. The area with sebaceous cyst is usually red and tender with increased temperature within the area. Sebaceous cysts commonly appear on the neck, face, and trunk, but most women experience having sebaceous cyst in vaginal area.


Causes of Vaginal Sebaceous

This tiny cyst in the vaginal area is the result of skin trauma in the genitals or can be due to swollen hair follicles.

Home Cures for Sebaceous Vaginal Cyst

Aside from the foul smell on the vaginal area, the sebaceous cyst generally disappears on its own and does not pose a serious health risk. But they can cause discomfort if the cyst continually grows enough to interfere with your usual daily activities. In this case, a minor surgical procedure can be administered to release the accumulated keratin in your skin gland. Other home remedies for vaginal sebaceous include the following:

  • Essential oils. You can directly apply essential oil of your choice to the infected area. The process will help detoxify the gland and lead to healing.
  • Be sure to maintain the vaginal area’s cleanliness by washing it with gentle antibacterial soap and that your hands are also washed properly before touching your private area for cleaning.
  • You can apply hot compress to the cyst to allow the blocked pore to open naturally and release the accumulated keratin. You can use washcloth soaked in warm water for this purpose.
  • Include garlic in your diet as it contains natural antibacterial properties.
  • Eat healthy and balanced diet with foods rich in vitamin A and B to protect the skin and neutralize free radicals in the body.

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