Painful Breast Cyst: Causes, Treatment, Home Remedies for Breast Cyst

A cyst is an unusual formation of flesh or lump within the skin. The appearance of cyst is an indication of something foreign that has penetrated beneath our dermal layers, and it is definitely no good news. In particular, breast cyst formation is an awful and oftentimes painful condition for a person. Painful breast cyst is even threatening as it can lead to certain cases of cancer especially among women. However, there is nothing to worry about if you properly act on the cyst with the right diagnosis.

Breast cyst pain causes range from a variety of reasons such as fibrocystic breast disease, which is the most common cause for breast cyst.

Certain changes in the hormonal levels and succeeding hormonal fluctuations can also cause the breast to be filled with fluid. When this chemical changes happen, breast cyst would most likely occur and are commonly associated with various pain degrees. Depending on the types of breast cysts and their causes, treatment also varies.

Herbal Remedies and Treatments for Painful Cyst on Breast

Treatment for breast cyst pain includes herbal supplements apart from the medical intervention a patient is receiving. Some of these herbal remedies are seen by certain patients to be effective along with medical medication.

Available breast cyst remedies can be done through:

  • Seaweed such as kelp has been found to relieve the symptoms of breast problems including cysts as well as problems in the thyroid gland.
  • Vitamin B-complex especially Pyridoxine or B6 that primarily helps in reducing the size of swelling in the cyst.
  • Anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and zinc are also effective dietary supplement in fighting painful breast cyst symptoms. Water-soluble vitamins are also proven to be effectual in fighting breast cancer.
  • More importantly, choose those herbal remedies that help in controlling the body’s hormones since hormonal changes play a big part in the appearance of unwanted cyst.