Natural Ways To Prevent Menstrual Odor: Vaginal Discharge Smell

One of the things that women worry during their menstruation is the odor coming from the blood that is discharged by the body through the vaginal opening. While it is fairly normal for menstruation odor to occur, it can sometimes be the cause of certain embarrassment especially when in a crowd.

However, there is nothing to worry since there are easy ways in which you can control that stinky odor caused by your period.

How To Prevent Menstrual Odor Naturally?

  • One thing to prevent menstruation odor can be done by using healthier and fragrance-friendly feminine wash.
    The blood coming out from your period is in itself odorless, but what makes it unpleasant is that the bacteria present in your external genitalia can cause it to have a stinky odor. In order to reduce or eliminate its foul odor, you can try washing your genital area regularly and even after you change your pads. Also make sure that you change your sanitary pads after every four hours.
  • Menstrual cycle smell can also be avoided by not using scented sanitary pads and tampons. The scent coming from your sanitary napkin and tampon can only worsen the embarrassing odor.
    In fact, the scent greatly lowers your pH balance which can invite infections and increase the odor.
  • When wiping yourself clean, you should avoid the use of wet wipes or baby wipes.
  • After washing your genital area, make sure you also wash your hands thoroughly as the odor can stick to your hands.
  • To prevent menstruation odor, you have to take showers every day. As much as possible, it is recommended that you take a bath in the morning and right before you sleep when having your period.
  • Most importantly, observing proper hygiene is a good way to deal with problems of menstrual odor.