Menopausal Problems: Homeopathic Remedies For Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is a stage in a woman’s life where there is permanent cessation of menstruation. It usually occurs after the age of 40. However in some women menstruation may stop early. During menopause period, most women suffer from symptoms such as:

Hot flashes (discomfort in the abdomen followed by reddening of the face) accompanied by perspiration, irregular, heavy and painful menstruation, depression, nervousness, anxiety, bone loss (osteoporosis) and dry skin. Hormonal changes, everyday stress from quite a long time contribute towards these symptoms.

Homeopathic Remedies For Menopausal Symptoms

Invariably homeopathy has helped many women to alleviate these distressing symptoms.

Below are given few homeopathic remedies that are useful in curing the problem. However, women are advised to consult their homeopath before starting these remedies as the treatment may vary from one woman to another.

Dosage: In case of physical complaints a dosage of potency 30, three times a day will prove beneficial.

If the complaints are emotional and of a nervous type a standard dose of potency 200, once daily till symptoms improve is advised. However the dosage cannot be taken for more than eight weeks.

Menopausal Problems Symptoms

  • Experiences nervous pressure periodically; anxiety; confusion; restlessness; depression; fear of becoming sick; always in a hurry; talks all the time or is too tired and lacks interest; nerve pain and severe headaches/migraine; hot flashes without sweating; irregular bleeding with wave like pain; empty sensation in the stomach but not hungry; tension in the neck, particularly left side.

Worse – Menses, damp and cold weather, mornings
Better – Small meals, being outside, warmth
Remedy – Cimicifuga

  • Has constant nervous tension, restless, irritated; talks endlessly; anxious; depressed; constant sweating, hot flashes, sweat has strong odor; jealousy, suspicion; dizziness, headaches, migraines and nosebleeds, particularly on the left side; backache, irregular and heavy menstruation with cramps; feels physically weak; heart beats irregularly and rapidly; cannot tolerate tight things around the neck and body.

Worse – Warmth of any type, warm/humid weather, wine, after sleeping
Better – Onset of menstruation
Remedy – Lachesis 200

  • Sad, introverted, moody, unforgiving, serious; tendency to exaggerate things; wants to be left alone; but cries when left alone; anxious, depressed, fearful, is afraid of making a fool of herself; lack of sleep due to worry; thinks about being hurt in the past; hates kindness; fear and irregular, rapid heartbeats amongst crowds and when enclosed in a small space; feels easily fatigued; has tendency to faint; tends to be anemic and has pale complexion; very painful headaches, migraine; irregular, heavy menstruation; painful sex; vaginal dryness; itching around the genitalia.

Worse – Receiving sympathy, noise, heat
Better – When left alone, being outdoors, fresh air
Remedy – Natrum chloratum

  • Constant changing moods and very sensitive; needs much attention herself but keeps worrying about others; sad, complaining, jealous, suspicious; cribs and then turns gentle, carefree, happy, good natured; afraid of darkness and being alone, worries about the future; constant sweating all over the body; nervous headaches; tendency of anemia and pale complexion; dropping down of the uterus; rheumatic complaints.

Worse – Warmth in any form
Better – Receiving sympathy, attention, motion, outdoors, fresh air
Remedy – Pulsatilla 200

  • Overworked, total fatigue; anxious, helpless, abandoned, inner emptiness; does not care about job and family; sudden outburst of tears and anger; hot flashes and outbreaks of cold sweat; headaches, migraines often; pale yellowish complexion with dark circles; continues to work due to a sense of responsibility; menstruation is irregular, too long, smells bad and causes rashes; often accompanied by headaches and cramps; strong dislike towards sex; feeling of downward pressure; the uterus comes down from its original position.

Worse – Cold, when menstruation in the evenings and mornings
Better – Rest, when alone, being outdoors, warmth, moderate movement
Remedy – Sepia

  • Mood swings; self absorbed; active, impatient; needs to bend over frequently; makes many plans, then depression overtakes and lacks drive; hot flashes accompanied by sweating, leads to severe tiredness; attacks of perspiration from the head, hands and feet; palms and soles of feet are hot and burning when in bed; sticks feet out from under the covers; dizziness, nausea and diarrhea in the morning; itchiness and soreness of the external genitalia; has heavy legs and varicose pains, back and bladder pain in the morning.

Worse – In the morning, exertion, heat, water, standing
Better – Lying down, many small meals, sweets
Remedy – Sulfur