Leg, Facial Edema Causes, Treatment | Swollen, Puffy Face Diagnosis


Sometime my legs and face are found swollen. It continues for some days and again come back to normal. I had tested for urine infection and falaria-both are negative. My hemoglobin content is 11%. I am a lady of 45 years.


Swollen legs and face can occur in many diseases. As you are 45 years of age I would like to ask you whether you are still menstruating or are you in post menopausal phase? Are you obese and what is your weight? Do you get palpitation and breathlessness and how often? Does the edema pitting in nature that is if pressed on the swollen area is there a pit like depression? Do you have hypertension? Are you taking any medication?

Edema is collection of fluid in serous cavities.

It may be localized or generalized. Localized edema is due to lymphatic or venous obstruction. The causes of generalized edema include cardiac, hepatic and renal disease. Beri- beri, severe anemia, hypoprotinemia, are the other cause for pitting edema. Myxedema and filariasis are non pitting edema.

Blood investigation advised:

  • Thyroid hormone essay
  • Renal profile
  • Liver profile
  • Cardiac profile

Electro cardiogram and cardiac doppler are other investigation needed.

You will have to consult a physician as it is important to detect the cause of edema on face and legs. For this physical examination is necessary; fix an appointment with your physician when you have edema or swollen legs and face.