Lactating Breastfeeding | Stop Lactation after Breastfeeding


  • I stopped breastfeeding over a year ago and still have milk. I leak on occasion and feel sensations of let down when my son cries.
  • Is this normal? Shouldn’t my milk supply dried up already
  • Why I have lactating after stopping breastfeeding?
  • Can I start breastfeeding again after stopping it?



Stop Lactation after Breastfeeding

There’s no need for you to worry or become anxious. This is quite a normal and natural phenomenon. Also, when the baby cries it is normal for the milk let down reflex (discharge of milk) to occur. It occurs due to the strong mother – child emotional and psychological bond.

The period of time to stop producing milk / the length of time by which the milk dries up, varies from woman to woman. It could take from a few weeks to several months, and occasionally some women may secrete milk for even longer periods of time.

These guidelines will help you:

  • Always wear a supportive bra.
  • Use ice packs / ice cubes wrapped in a towel, over the breasts, they help speed up the process, and prevent swelling and engorgement of the breasts.
  • The herb sage is of valuable assistance. Drink two cups of sage tea every day.
  • In case of intense discomfort, hand expressing little milk will ease the heaviness.
  • Watch out and be alert for blocked ducts or inflammation and tenderness of the breasts.
  • Talk to your gynecologist or lactation consultant for more counseling and guidance.