Remedies for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding | Heavy Bleeding during Period

Heavy Menstruation Treatments

Check with your Physician before starting self treatment program.
Attention: Heavy menstruation bleeding may cause anemia, so get the level of iron in your blood tested.

Dosage: One Standard dose according to the potency mentioned, until improvement is observed. But dosage should not exceed eight weeks. In acute situations, take a standard dose every fifteen minutes until symptoms improve, but not more than six times.

Symptoms, Cures of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

  • Bleeding starts too early and is too heavy; with downward directing pain; person is depressed; has a pale complexion with a tendency of becoming anemic.

Remedy – Agnus castus 30

  • Bleeding starts too early and continued over a prolonged period; menses is cream like and lumpy; symptoms worsen even with slightest excitement; sharp pain in the lower abdomen; has toothaches; catches cold easily; feels very weak and dizzy.

Worse – dampness, cold
Remedy – Calcarea carbonica 200

  • Bleeds too early or too late; sudden muscular contractions or convulsions; menses comprises of lumps and is dark; abdomen is bloated with cramps; has headaches accompanied by dizziness; person is nervous, very weak and has a pale complexion.

Better – warmth
Remedy – China 30

  • Bleeding is light red colored, with sudden muscular contractions, particularly when moving; cramps in the bladder.

Remedy – Erigon 6 or 30

  • Bleeding is dark and comprises of thick, semi-solid lumps; pain in the surface of the abdomen, back and pelvis; cramps during menstruation; also pain and bleeding between monthly cycles.

Remedy – Hamamelis 6 or 30

  • Bleeding starts too early and continues too long; menses is thin and watery and foul smelling, causes itching and rashes; sharp abdominal pain; backache and periodic sweating.

Worse – after having given birth, exhaustion
Better – pressure, sitting down
Remedy – Kali carbonicum 30

  • Bleeds too early, too long; menses is light red and watery; heavy feeling in the head accompanied by dizziness, particularly after heavy lifting.

Remedy – Millefolium Q

  • Bleeding starts too early and continues for a long time; in rare case it may start too late; also accompanied by anemia. Especially for nervous, pale women with light hair who have a tendency of getting bruised readily.

Remedy – Phosphorus 30 or 200

  • Bleeding starts too early and is accompanied by muscular contractions while moving; menses is too light or too dark in color; useful in cases of abnormal growth of tissues in the uterus (endometriosis). Especially for women who gain weight easily.

Worse – anger, excitement
Remedy – Sabina Q or 30