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Question: Describe how to increase weight and breast size? I’m married but look very lean and my breasts are very small. I am 25 and 5 feet 3 inches tall. Whats a healthy weight for my height and age?


Underweight, like overweight is a relative term, being based on the optimum weight for a particular height, built, and gender. Ideal body weight is one of the most important attributes and has a deep impact on the health and the personality of an individual.

The breast tissue stops growing/developing after puberty has been achieved.

So natural breast enhancement after the age of 18 years is a little difficult. But what is possible, is, to develop the muscles over which the breast lies – the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor.

Breast Increase Exercises

  • You stand or sit with your back erect. Clasp your hands in a prayer pose and hold it at your chest level. Now, push the 1 palm powerfully against the other, till you feel a pressure in the chest. Hold to the count of 20. Then, eventually increase the count.
  • This exercise is very helpful in toning up pectorals.
    They become firmer and give a lift to the breasts.
  • Weight gain will also help you. Putting on weight will increase the fat deposition in the breast and hence enlarge breast size.

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Diet for Weight Increase

Milk Cure:

  • Speedy weight gain is achieved through an exclusive milk diet. Milk is a source of good quality protein, which will help build muscle.
  • Other foods taken in conjunct with milk, further hasten the process of increasing body weight. Dry figs, mangoes, bananas, custard apples, and raisins help to put on weight. These fresh and dry fruits are wonderful body fattening foods.
  • Proteins are necessary to build muscle for a fit and toned look. Eat adequate helpings of – pulses, soy, egg, fish, meat.
  • Make your meal a balanced one. It should have carbohydrates (wheat, rice), protein (dal, pulses), vegetables and fruits.
  • You must take up some form of exercise – yoga, walking, kick – boxing, a sport, aerobics, or pilates.
  • Exercise works on all the planes of the body – physical, mental, and spiritual.
  • Physically, your activity level will improve, and the metabolism is normalized. Mentally, it deals with the stress, which could have disastrous effects on the digestive processes, and spiritually you’ll feel more fulfilled.
  • Lastly, its important for you to understand that, some people are born with a particular body structure, and a certain physical and mental make-up. So, don’t tax yourself too much. Follow the guidelines, and you should easily put on a few kilos.