Bump on Vagina Lips: Causes, Home Remedies for Red Bump on Vagina Lips

For women, every now and then, you would feel a tiny bump on your vagina lips or around the vulva and the genital area. You probably must have wondered what are its causes, if they are dangerous, and how can they be treated.

Causes of Vagina Bumps

The bump on vagina lips are usually caused when the pores that secretes oil gets blocked. This condition causes pimples to appear around women’s sensitive area. Other causes of these vaginal bumps could be due to razor burn or frequent shaving along the pubic hair area and hair in-grown.

These bumps are generally harmless and are usually painless.

Home Remedies and Treatment for Red Bump on Vagina Lips

How to prevent bumps on vagina lips?

If you are having red bumps on lips of your vagina, foremostly, you should avoid picking on it because your exposed skin might be a cause of other vaginal infections such as viral and bacterial. If you should clean your vaginal area, be sure that your hands are clean. Wash your hands with clean water and antibacterial soap. The other things that you can do to avoid having bumps on vagina lips include:

  • Avoid shaving your pubic area every day.
    Let your skin rest for at least three days.
  • If you have bumps, avoid shaving in that particular area to prevent infections.
  • Apply numbing cream on the area to soothe the discomfort. Numbing cream is available in supermarkets and local pharmaceutical stores.
  • Before you shave your pubic area, wet your pubic hair with warm water to make shaving a lot easier. You can also get a piece of wash cloth and soak it on warm water to dampen your pubic area. You can also opt to shave your pubic hair after taking a bath.
  • Consider using shaving cream on your pubic area.