Breast Stretch Marks Causes, Remedies | Remove Breast Stretch Lines


I have stretch marks all over my breast. I cannot were any dress. I just get worried. Will it ever go? My age is 18 right now. Will aloe Vera gel really work?


Stretch marks are white lines on the skin which appear on the skin after sudden weight loss or weight gain. Stretch marks appear on those areas where there is more fat, such as thighs, breast, shoulders, and abdomen. The underlying layer of the skin is collagen which breaks due to stretching leading to stretch marks.

Stretch marks on the breast are common in pubertal age or in the girls who are growing.

Even in pregnant woman. You may notice them as white or red lines on the breast that look like scars.

Treatment for stretch marks

Although stretch marks are curable to certain extent they can fade in few due to massage therapy. Massage helps in the growth of new collagen tissues.

Cocoa butter is another home remedy which can be rubbed on the breast skin, it acts as a moisturizer

Creams containing vitamin E is helpful in fading the stretch marks on the breast, if vitamin E is mixed with cocoa butter and aloe gel it enhances the effect to clear the stretch marks.

Creams containing vitamin A are also useful in stretch mark removal.

Almond oil when mixed with lavender oil and chamomile oil and applied on the breast, it fades the stretched marks. Daily exercise and healthy diet help in skin nourishment. Fresh fruits like oranges, lemon, fish, and flaxseed all contain vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc.  Hydrate your skin with drinking plenty of water.

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