Breast Pain and Tenderness During Period: Pain after Period


I am 21 years of age. I am facing a problem of irregular periods from the time I got my first period. And nowadays before 6-7 days I get my periods, my breast becomes heavy and pains a lot during periods. I face swelling in my breast and also feel feverish. Is this normal? I went to a doctor and she said its normal but its really difficult to bear that pain.


Why is there breast pain and tenderness during and after periods?

Menstruation in young adult women and teenager is frequently irregular; there may not be a consistency in the time frame for their periods.

There are lot of factors involved for irregular period, among them hormonal changes occurring in young women are in forefront.

Your breast may become heavy with pain and tenderness during, after period, with swelling in breast and feverish feeling if there is imbalance in release of estrogen and progesterone hormone, along with increased androgens, if you are young. This is common, and gradually your condition will heal.

Generally doctors count 28 days as an average period for a menstrual cycle, but it can vary in each individual according to her hormonal makeup. Sometime especially in teenager and young females, the length of period, days of bleeding can vary differently in each cycle.

It is not a disease, but the body is adjusting to the hormonal pattern. This irregularity may continue for three years after menarche.

Irregular periods prolonging for more than three years needs a consideration for gynecological check-up.

Illness, increased weight, stress, thyroid problem, polycystic ovarian syndrome can also cause irregular periods. Anemia is frequently missed as the root cause by many.

Lifestyle changes, proper nutrition containing proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, correcting anemia with iron supplements, yoga and meditation for stress, will eventually settle your problem of irregular periods.

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