Breast Hematoma Causes: Treatment For Hematoma After Surgery

Question: I had breast surgery (lift) and a few hour following I developed a hematoma in the right breast and had to rushed back into surgery to fix things. What causes hematomas?

Answer: A Breast Hematoma is a swelling filled with blood which is normally caused due to trauma to the breasts. It may get infected causing inflammation, pain, localized discoloration and fever. Breast tissue is highly vascular and composed of adipose tissue making it prone to develop hematomas.

Causes Of Hematoma In Breast

  • Breast injury either car accident or sports injury.
  • Breaking of blood vessels due to jerks or shakes.
  • Breast implant surgery may cause post operative bleeding leading to a hematoma.
  • Therapeutic breast surgery ( for breast cancer).
  • Aspirin used for pain relief causes blood to become thinner and prevents clotting. But this makes a person prone to bleed easily. If you consume aspirin, your chances to develop a hematoma due to trauma increase.
  • A post trauma or post operative hematoma usually develops in the first 48 hours.

Breast Hematoma Treatment

  • Smaller hematomas will dissolve within 4-5 days and don’t require any intervention.
  • Larger hematomas will require incision and drainage especially to avert infections. For patients suffering from recurrent hematoma, hemostatsis can be achieved by cauterization of the vessels prone to damage and bleed.
  • Homeopathic medicine Sepia 30, 3 pills taken every 2 hourly will help resolve hematoma quickly.