Black Vagina Discharge Causes | Dark Brown Menstrual Bleeding


I had black stuff coming from my vagina, and I thought that my period was going to start, but it did not. Is there something wrong with me?


Dark Vaginal Discharge

Dark brown menstrual discharge or vaginal discharge will definitely be a cause of concern particularly if it is occurring for the first time in a woman.

Some time it may happen that normal menstrual flow starts after two to three days of spotting.

Brown or black discharge may not be a concern every time. It may occur due to expulsion of old endometrial tissue.

And this is normal, but in some cases it may be a cause of worry and it may not be due to old endometrial cells.

The causes of brown or black vaginal discharge may be due to:

  • Menopause
  • Pelvic inflammation
  • Sexually transmitted disease such as vaginal warts, gonorrhea
  • Birth control pills can also be one of the cause of black or brown vaginal discharge
  • Stress related problems may cause brown discoloration of vaginal flow

If the black discharge is due to late period then it is the result of blood being oxidized, not much can be done, wait till the next period.

Is the black color of the menstrual blood a concern to the health? The best thing is to consult a gynecologist to find out if the problem is serious or due to delayed menstrual period.

Your menstrual flow may be delayed if it is due to the old endometrial cell elimination.