Nipple, Breast Discharge Abnormal Causes | Frequent Breast Discharging


Any other reason for lactation except pregnancy?


Lactation is an absolutely normal process, associated after delivery, it could be quite disturbing, even alarming, if you start lactating when you shouldn’t be.

Abnormal lactation is the release of a discharge / fluid from the nipple at an unpredicted time and / or in a way that’s atypical.

Some cases involve trickling of liquid that resembles milk, while, in others, there occurs a discharge containing pus or blood. The causes for irregular / abnormal lactation are many, so, it is very critical, that you consult a gynecaologist for an examination and assessment.

Frequent Nipple Discharge Causes

  • Breast abscess / mastitis : Frequent cause for abnormal lactation. This disorder is an inflammation of the breast or a milk duct.
  • Breast injury : Trauma to the breast ia a cause for unusual lactation.
  • Medications : Certain drugs are known to cause irregulat / abnormal lactation. E.g. – contraceptives (or birth control pills), phenothiazines, methyldopa and tricyclic anti-depressants.
  • Breast malignancies occasionally cause abnormal lactation in non pregnant women or women who aren’t nursing. This generally occurs because of an irritation of the breast tissue or due to the presence of a tumor in a milk duct.
  • Prolactinoma : Is an uncommon reason for abnormal lactation. It is a benign tumor situated in the pituitary gland. the prolactinoma or the tumor, releases prolactin, a hormone that makes the breast start lactating.