Why Does My Weight Go Down But My Body Fat Goes Up?

Weight loss certainly has many benefits for promoting and maintaining good health. Weight loss for an obese person helps to reduce the risk of several diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. But if you are not on a right path of losing weight, you may find having more fat percentage in your body than what you had when you started weight losing program.

If your weight loss method is not correct there is possibility of losing muscle mass along with fat. This may depend on many factors such as whether you are including exercise routine in your weight reduction plan and whether you are consuming protein in your diet.

Most people think that their weight loss target can be easily achieved with dieting alone. However, they do not realize that along with fat they also lose some amount of muscle mass when they follow only dieting as a tool for losing weight.

So if you want to gain some weight, it will be more of fat related weight gain which will ultimately add up to already fat present in the body increasing the overall percentage. But if you make some change in your diet along with exercise regimen it can reduce the muscle loss.

How Can You Reduce Muscle Loss During Weight Loss Plan?

There is no second thought that dieting will reduce your weight, especially in the beginning. How much amount of weight loss occurs depend on the extra body fat you are carrying. For example if you are overweight by 25 kgs, the loss of weight will be substantial and faster, but if you are only few kilo grams overweight, fat loss will be negligible and at slower pace.

Thus the best method of losing weight is inclusion of both, dieting as well as strength training exercises. Inclusion of exercise will ensure that you are losing least amount of muscle mass but on the other hand more amount of fat is lost from the body. Adults intending to lose weight should at do two sessions of resistance training exercises in a week.

These exercises should be focused on strengthening core muscles of the chest, abdomen, leg and arms. Keep gap of two days between two sessions of strength training exercise. It facilitates the muscles to recover from the workout. Body building exercise consumes more calories and it gets them from the fats.

How protein intake helps during weight loss program?

During weight loss plan the person should eat diet consisting more protein and less fat. It enhances weight loss as well as improves composition of fat and muscle in the body. A diet with high protein content and low fat and carbohydrate is useful for improvement of body composition when you are on a weight loss plan.

It is often seen that people eating more protein containing food lose more weight as well as fat than people who eat less amount of protein. Also there is less amount of loss of muscle mass when you take enough protein in your diet.

How To Prevent Gaining Body Fat While Losing Weight?

Loss of weight does not mean that you have lost more amount of fat from your body. You may have proportionately lost some amount of muscle mass and in some cases more muscle than fat. This may have occurred due to few reasons such as; you may be doing cardio exercise and not following diet. When you want to lose weight, you have to consume fewer calories and at the same time perform strength training exercise to prevent loss of muscle mass and encourage loss of body fat.

To maintain proper muscle you have to eat protein containing food in your diet. Including 20 percent of calories from protein will help to prevent regaining weight that you have lost. This means you have to eat at least 70 grams of protein in your diet containing 1500 calories.