Water Fasting to Lose Weight: Weight Loss with Fasting on Water

Many people try different methods to lose weight. Diet restriction, commercial formulas for weight loss, and liquid diets are some of them. Generally weight loss is achieved when you restrict your calorie consumption. Some people regard water fasting to lose weight as a simple way than other weight loss methods. But how far it is good for your body is a very big question.

Fasting is followed in many religious beliefs, it has been a part of naturopathy treatment since centuries as a way to promote health, water fasting is one such method adopted by many person to lose weight.

While water fasting may be a good way to get introduced to live a healthier lifestyle, it cannot be a onetime solution to lose weight. After water fasting, if the person does not stick to lifestyle changes, he may regain the lost weight in the form of fat within no time.

If you intend to make changes in your lifestyle after water fasting; it may prove to be positive idea to lose weight. Usually water fasting can be done for 3 to 5 days, same will be the time for recuperating, eat semi solid and liquid such as steamed vegetables without spices and oil, fruits such as watermelon and yogurt for 3 to 5 days.

During this period you should not eat spicy, oily, acidic and sour food and eat small portions of food.

As the intake of water increases during water fasting, the body flushes out the water stored in the thigh, belly, hips and arms as it does not need it, thus it reduces the body weight.

The liver gets enough time to metabolize the fat and it utilizes the stored fat when a person is on water fast. In this way it helps to lose weight.

One should remember to take vitamins and minerals to balance its level in the body while on water fast.

Consult your doctor before you choose to water fast.

Water fast can be harmful if practiced for a long period.

Water fast is not safe for every individual. Only a healthy person should think about water fasting.

Pregnant and lactating women, people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, liver or kidney diseases, malnourishment and weakness should stay away from fasting.