Reduce Tummy Flab Diet, Exercise | How to Lose, Burn Tummy Fat Fast


Tummy Flab
Tummy Flab

Question:My tummy is big; can you tell me any exercise to reduce my tummy?


Tummy Fat Reduction

If you want to flatten your tummy in natural way daily exercise, proper diet, and healthy life style are the three components you should imbibe to.

It is not only the tummy that you should be focused on; weight loss will be proportional all over.

Some of the measures you should adopt to lose tummy fat are:

  • The main focus is to strengthen the abdominal muscles, if you want perfect abs, try pulling exercises.
    When you work out on your legs, shoulder or back, by way of exercises that have a pull effect the abdominal muscles get tighter, this is the secret to those flashboard abs.
  • Even if you are not a gym person that is no excuse to let fat accumulate around your tummy area. Some thing as simple as sitting without a backrest can help strengthen your abdominal muscles.
  • Even a simple breathing exercise can help in strengthening the muscles of the abdomen
  • Aerobic dancing or jogging and swimming can reduce the fat mass around the abdomen
  • Use a bicycle to get that tummy tight.
  • Cardiovascular exercise should be done at least for 15 to 20 minutes ina day for at least 5 days in a week. Warm up yourself before doing any exercise.
  • Abdominal crunches if done properly can build up the abdominal muscles and reduce abdomen size.

Diet is as important as workout to determine one’s fitness. Eat four to five small meals a day, cut down on carbohydrates, give up alcohol and you will see the difference. ┬áKeep your mind away from stress, and stop smoking. Initially it may be difficult; the temptation may be too strong, but eventually, when you look into the mirror and like what you see, it will be worth the effort.