How To Lose Lower Belly Fat Fast: Causes Of Excessive Belly Fat

Causes Of Excessive Lower Belly Fat

Eating lot of refined carbohydrate products, fast food and lack of exercise and some of the major causes of accumulating fat on the lower regions of your stomach. Increase in the amount of desk work resulting in lesser physical activity restricts the body from burning fat. Body fat accumulates more in lower belly due to its large surface area.

Exercises and Tips To Lose Lower Stomach Fat Fast?

  • In order to lose belly fat,  you need to plan for an overall body fat reduction. The lower stomach fat will be burnt as a by-product.
    Note that belly fat burns at a slower rate than rest of body fat.
  • The most certain method of losing overall body fat is by reducing the intake of refined carbohydrates, and exercising to burn excess body fat.
  • The best way is cardio and aerobic exercise to get rid of belly fat and body fat as well. Do not ignore weight training as muscle exercise burns calories which in turn burn down the belly fat.
  • For women seeking to lose lower belly fat, exercises like dancing, practicing yoga, swimming, kayaking, aerobics and cardio will help.
    Weight training should accompany cardio and should be composed of 50 crunches per day, squats every other day and push-ups. When you feel stronger, you can add bicycle crunches, reverse crunches, and other more rigorous workouts.
  • For men, strength training is the best way to lose fat. Weight lifting exercises, bench press, abdominal exercises will help reduce lower belly fat. Bend in front from the waist while standing and and try touching your toes without bending your knees. stay in this position for as long as you can ad repeat 10-15 times.  Cardiovascular exercises will also help burn the stomach fat.
  • Eat small but frequent meals at intervals of 3 hours, cut down on refined carbohydrates, stop sugar and sweets.
  • Increase intake of vegetables and salads in meals.
  • Be consistent and persistent with your diet and exercise plan. You may not see results in a few days, but continuing your efforts for a few weeks, you will be able shed some of the lower belly fat and see flat and strong abs.

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