How To Lose Love Handles In One Week: Exercises To Lose Abdominal Fat


Can you give me tips to lose fat on Love Handles? I want to know best diet and exercise to lose How to Lose Love Handles in 1 Week?


The area around the external oblique muscles of the abdomen where there is excess storage of fat is often referred to as Love Handles. Due to the gravity it gives the illusion that there is much more fat around the lower abdominal area than actually is. Some people also refer to it as beer belly.

Diet and exercise in combination will help to reduce fat from this area.

Exercise help to burn fat directly from the love handle area and the abdomen, besides toning the muscles of the abdomen.

Exercises To Lose Fat On Love Handles

Side bends is one of the important exercise to reduce the fat from the abdomen: stand straight with feet apart and knee slightly bent. Then slowly lower the trunk slightly to the left side and than again to the right side. Do not bend yourself forward or backward while doing this exercise. Do this exercise for ten times.

Another exercise is torso twist: stand firmly with shoulder and feet apart, twist the torso gently to the left side and than to the right side.

While doing this keep the movement of the hip to a minimum. Keep the torso upright and do not bend the torso. Do not stretch to a great extent while doing this exercise as this may pull the muscles.

How To Lose Abdominal Fat?

  • Cycling and playing outdoor games is also beneficial.
  • Diet should contain less sugar, avoid sugar in coffee and tea. Eat more food which contains fiber. Do not eat fast food, cokes and other beverages. Avoid eating while watching TV.