How To Lose Midriff Bulge: Exercises And Diet To Lose Midriff Fat

Men and women both alike in their mid life are worried and sincerely try to shed that extra midriff bulge, that has accrued due to fat deposition in and around their abdomen.  In men mid riff bulge occurs as pot belly where as in women the bulge is in their mid section.

How To Lose Midriff Bulge?

Midriff bulge is not only a serious health problem; it is also an issue for women in cosmetic sense.

There are simple ways to reduce midriff bulge and waistline in a scientific manner, which can be possible with proper intake of food and exercise.

Diet For Midriff Bulge

  • Eat food having high fibers, vegetables and fruits are the best food items one should incorporate in their regular diet. They provide the needed vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat small meals 4 to 5 times in a day instead of 3 large meals. And quality snacks which do not help to increase your weight eat them frequently, whenever you feel hungry.
  • Avoid food having plenty of carbohydrate, fats.
    Fried food, butter, cheese, red meat, should be avoided.

Midriff Bulge Exercises To Lose Midriff Fat

  • Exercise, especially aerobic helps to remain fit and burn the extra fat at the same time. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and dancing are some exercise which reduces midriff bulge and body weight.
  • Exercises to get rid of midriff bulge may also include lifting of weights, regular crunches and bench press etc. it helps in body metabolism, circulation, and increase the secretion of estrogen in women, which helps in normal menstrual flow.
  • Having adequate sleep keeps us away from extra munching.
  • Midriff fat and stress have some relation. Stress leads to extra production of cortisol hormone in the body, excess of cortisol can cause a person to gain weight, especially in midriff region. Exercise, yoga, meditation and massage are some alternatives to decrease stress.