Natural Ways To Lose Weight In Your Chest: Exercises And Diet

Fat deposition on chest is something that no man would like to exhibit, although for women it may be a delight. Men would feel apprehensive to roam about with bare chest, as excessive fat over the chest muscles may appear as developed breast. Lifestyle and genetics play an important role in deposition of fat in different parts of body including chest. Excess amount of estrogen in body also triggers accumulation of fat in the chest areas. Estrogen is predominantly a female hormone.

It may not be easy to burn the fat in one day or a week, patience and hard work may ultimately help in losing weight around the chest as well as all over body.

A sensible approach to lose chest weight and burn extra fat deposition on the chest is through proper diet regimen and exercise. Measure your chest circumference before starting the diet and exercise regimen to determine the change of size in future.

Diet For Reducing Chest Fat

  • Make changes in your diet. Eat small portions of food 4 to 5 times in a day instead of 3 large meals. Eat proper snacks whenever you feel hungry. Eat your dinner two to three hours before retiring to bed.
  • Cut your fat and carbohydrate intake, avoid eating fried food, stop alcohol and colas, alcohol is a major factor in increasing chest weight.
    Alcohol and tobacco are known to trigger your body to produce more estrogen.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits, they contain fibers which help to keep the stomach full and cause less satiety. Your diet should consist of lean protein and healthy fats.
  • Drink water in liberal quantity. It helps to keep you well hydrated.
  • Eat low fat dairy products. Avoid eating bread prepared from white flour. Instead substitute it with whole grains.

Exercises For Losing Weight In Your Chest

  • Exercise regularly, brisk walking for half an hour daily will burn the fat from the body. The body fat will proportionally burn from all parts of body including fat over pectoral muscles. Make brisk walking for 30 minutes a daily routine.
  • Swimming, cycling, rowing is the exercise where you can lose chest weight fast. All this exercises increases the heart rate and metabolic activities in the body. In burns the calories that you consume and at the same time strengthens the muscles of chest.
  • Resistance exercise, bench press, dumbbells will burn your chest fat, but general exercise which involves all body muscles and movements, burn the overall body fat, and simultaneously the fat over the chest. Pushups can be tried on floor. In the beginning try few repetitions but gradually as you gain strength increase the repetitions.
  • Lifting weight helps to make the pectoral muscles strong. It also burns the local fat tissue surrounding the chest.

Be active all the time. Avoid sitting for long hours in one place, for example while working on a computer. This may make your chest muscles tight and at the same time the shoulders appear slouched.