Herbal Fat Burner: Burning Body Fat With Herbs, Natural Fat Burners


What home remedy is good for burning the fat in our body? Can you share some good and effective herbal fat burners for reducing fat from body?


Natural Herbal Fat Burner

Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder among the affluent. People spend lot of time and money to burn fat with any known therapy, but discipline and regularity are the two pillars of any good weight loss program, discipline in eating and regularity in exercising.

Keeping this in mind and taking the help of certain natural herbs as fat burners, one can effectively burn excess fat from the body.

Herbs to Burn Fat

There are certain herbs that burn the accumulated fats from our body by accelerating the mechanism of body metabolism.

  • Bitter orange: It is one of the most effective herbal medicine to reduce body fat. Besides it does not increase the heart rate and therefore it can be safely consumed by people suffering from hypertension
  • Green tea: This is a traditional Chinese herb therapy used as fat burner, one study showed that consumption of green tea every day reduces the weight compared to those who do not consume it.
  • Dandelion: It is a weed which burns the fat rapidly by breaking the carbohydrates.
    The other function is that it has the ability to control the sugar level which prevents hunger. Drink dandelion tea twice in a day to burn excess fat.
  • Ginger: Drinking ginger tea can reduce the weight gradually; it can also be used in daily cooking food.
  • Pepper is another fat reducing agent, it increases the metabolism of the body, and thus helps to burn the fat.

There are no shortcuts to reduce fat; diet, systemic approach, exercise, massage with special herbal oil, and some of the herbs as fat burners can together work in reducing fat.