Fat Burning Exercises For Teenagers: Cardio Exercises To Burn Fat

Obesity is on rise, especially in teenagers and young adults, the reason obviously being unhealthy life practice among the teens, Consuming more of junk food, irregular sleeping hours and eating schedule contributed by lack of exercise.

Exercises For Burning Fat

The phenomenon is on rise due to significant change in habits, physical activities are discarded and less active activities such as watching TV, playing video games have taken over regular outdoor games.

In such a scenario teenagers tend to increase their weight, to reduce the unnatural weight gain there are fat burning exercise specially crafted for teenagers.

Fat Burning Exercises For Teenagers

  • Certainly fat burning exercise, change in unhealthy food habits and lifestyle, will complement each other to achieve the required goal.
  • These fat burning exercises are grouped into cardiovascular exercises, strength gaining and muscle building exercises with aerobics.

Cardiovascular Exercises To Burn Fat

Cardiovascular exercises: they are the ultimate exercise to burn the fat and reduce weight.

  • Walking: it is the simplest form of exercise which utilizes energy and increases the body metabolism. Try to walk whenever possible instead of other utilities, for e.g. walk down to school instead of going by a bus.
    Walk down the stairs instead of taking the elevator. This minor exercise will help in a long way to burn excess of fat.
  • Swimming, dancing, cycling, outdoor sports will accelerate the body metabolism and burn the extra layers of fats.

Aerobic Exercises To Lose Fat

  • Strength gaining exercise helps to convert extra fat into muscle mass, increase the metabolism and make the bone more strong. Weight lifting, crunches, squats etc come into these fat burning exercises.
  • Aerobics is another class of fat burning exercises which is popular among teenagers. The advantage of aerobics is, it increases the stamina and overall fitness along with burning fat in teenagers.