Exercise for Flat Abs and Reduce Tummy | Diet, Exercise for Flat Stomach

Question: Is it good to use slimming creams to reduce fat on the stomach. Are there any precautions and does it affect fertility?


Having washboard flat abs has become almost like an obsession nowadays.
Slimming and inch-loss creams claim that they help reduce belly fat. But doctors don’t really advocate their usage.

They are synthetic chemicals which are bound to have adverse side effects.
Their efficacy hasn’t been proven. You might achieve inch-loss, but it’ll only be a temporary phase.

Getting a flat tummy is quiet easy – the natural way.

Are you overweight? Or only have a bloated abdomen?

A bloated tummy could also result from:

Excessive gas
Unsatisfactory bowel movement
Poor exercise combined with faulty eating habits.

Exercise for flat tummy

Consciously suck your abdomen in. Hold. Exhale and release. Do this repeatedly. This is a classic tummy toning exercise. And the advantage is that it can be done anywhere and innumerable times a day – when you’re walking, watching T.V., working, almost anything.

Flat Stomach Exercises:

  • Crunches are the way to go. Begin with 2 sets of 10 crunches each, gradually building up to 5 sets a day. The results are evident within a fortnight.
  • Stretches, forward bends, backward bends and lateral bends and twists are excellent to reduce belly fat and love handles.

Diet for flat abs

  • Stay away from – fats, cheese, cream, refined foods, confectionary, sweet meats and other greasy foods.
  • Eat 1 large bowl of salad before your lunch and dinner. This promises completely flat abs by mobilizing the accumulated belly fat and burning it. It also provides loads of fibre which ensures good bowel movement.
  • Homoeopathic remedies act the natural way, without causing any side effects.