Does Anxiety Cause Weight Loss: Severe Anxiety And Loss Of Weight

Yes certainly anxiety is one of the reasons for weight loss. Anxious person often have loss of appetite. Situations and circumstances that are out of the ordinary; be they positive or negative create some amount of anxiety and stress in our body.

Examples of positive anxiety are emotions a person experiences when buying a new home, birth of a child or a wedding in the family.

Examples of negative anxiety are when there is a death in the family, or a person is sick with incurable disease in the family, loss of job, dealing with natural calamities such as earthquake and floods or personal problem faced in marriage which cause immense amount of anxiety and stress which leads to depression and loss of appetite.

Persons with personality traits such as pessimism, low self- esteem and unexpressed emotions such as anger, fear also suffer from anxiety causing weight loss.

Severe Anxiety And Loss Of Weight

People having chronic anxiety lose interest in food; they cannot eat because they are too tensed to eat. The hunger center is altogether suppressed due to anxiety and fear, which ultimately leads to severe anxiety and weight loss.

Anxiety also causes a digestive disturbance which includes cramping pain in the abdomen, gas and loose motions. With fear of all this, patient refrains to eat and ultimately takes its toll in the form of weight loss and malnourishment.

Weight loss due to anxiety can be overcome with a person’s positive attitude towards the situation, he should fix in his mind that no matter how bad the situation may seem now, change, it will. So cheer up and smile.