Benefits Of Cereal Diet Meal Plan With Milk For Weight Loss

A cereal diet plan is considered very effective in weight management. A cereal diet is low in calories and when combined with low fat milk, it can act as a strong replacement for meal which is equally nutritious and healthy. A cereal diet is beneficial however it should not be considered as a fad diet and a reasonable intake of other foods are essential in your every day diet.

A typical milk and cereal diet would comprise of one serving of cereals with about half a cup of low fat milk. This is a typical serving used for breakfast; however it can be used as a replacement for lunch and dinner.

This diet for at least two weeks is considered to help in significant weight loss, without the risk of suffering from nutritional and vitamin deficiencies.

Cereal Diet Meal Plan With Milk For Weight Loss

As per the Nutrition Action Health Letter, 1999, it was observed that even cereals that are high in sugar and refined flour provide only 120 calories per serving which is considered to be beneficial in weight management. If the cereal diet comprises of high fiber whole grain cereals, the calorie count can be further reduced.

A typical cereal diet menu can comprise of the following,

  • One serving of cereals with about half a cup of skimmed or low fat milk for breakfast is beneficial.
    Instead of milk one can use diluted fruit juice, tea or coffee. Along with the cereal breakfast incorporate a small piece of fruit like apple or banana.
  • Lunch can comprise of a bowl of cereal with low fat milk. A cereal bar with some boiled vegetables is ideal for an afternoon lunch.
  • Dinner can comprise of a grilled fish or a vegetable dish. Always add fruit or low fat yogurt to your dinner, as a dessert.

The unique feature of this cereal diet menu is that it comprises of three meals during the day and allows the third meal (either lunch or dinner) to comprise of low fat and nutritious diet other than cereals. Fresh fruits and vegetables play a crucial role in weight management diet plan. Avoid the intake of alcohol and aerated beverages. Drink ample of water during the day.

Is A Cereal Diet Meal Healthy?

While embarking upon a cereal diet plan there are certain essential considerations,

  • Though most breakfast cereals claim to be fortified with vitamins and minerals, this food fortification may not be sufficient. Hence it is recommended to include fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Use high fiber and whole grain cereals and avoid refined cereals. Certain studies have claimed that refined and high sugar cereals can result in increased appetite which may interfere with weight management goals.
  • This diet can’t be used for long term weight management. Diet coupled with regular exercise plays a crucial role in ensuring a healthy and balanced body weight. Depending only on the cereal diet plan may result in weight gain after the diet program is discontinued.
  • The diet program should not be continued for more than two months at a stretch to avoid serious deficiencies, which might arise due to exclusion of a wide range of food items.