How To Lose Weight in a Week: Fast & Quick Weight Loss Tips

If you are wondering:

  1. Can I lose weight quickly within a week?
  2. Can I keep the weight off?
  3. Will I gain weight again in 2 days?
  4. What are the tricks for losing weight quickly and maintaining it?
There are ways you can lose weight at a rapid pace provided you follow certain rules. These are not tough to follow, but you need a certain discipline that you need to follow.

These weight loss tips does not make you spend money or preach you to go on a grand diet. You don’t even need to undergo back-breaking strenuous workouts at your local gym.

These are simple “lifestyle adjustments” that you need to make to get the fat off your body and keep it off. These lifestyle changes are very subtle and nothing drastic.

Changing your lifestyle ensures that the weight you lose is not a temporary phenomenon. When you continue with your new daily routine, you will be able to keep your weight under check. This weight loss will just be a byproduct of the changes that you will make in your lifestyle. Moving over to a healthier lifestyle ensures that you will always effortlessly maintain the right weight at all times.

Tips to Lose Weight in a Week

To shed those calories without going on a weight loss diet, try these simple steps:

  1. Wake Up Early: Start your day 1 hour earlier. If you normally wake up at 7AM, start your day at 6AM. You will get time for your morning chores and won’t have to rush through your routine.
  2. Take a Brisk Walk: How can you burn 1000 calories a day? Take a brisk walk for about 30 minutes in the morning. If you cannot do this in the morning, do this any time during the day. Make sure you keep at least a 2 hour gap between your last meal and your walk. If you have easy access to a treadmill, great! Else you can just go to a nearby park or just walk around your building. You just need to walk briskly, till you start to breathe a little heavily. Do not strain too much.
  3. Do not skip breakfast: Eat a very healthy breakfast. Never skip your breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are many nutritional benefits of eating a healthy breakfast. Breakfast equips you with all the energy your body and brain needs to carry on your morning activities till it takes you to lunch time.
    Oatmeal for Breakfast
    Oatmeal for Breakfast

    For breakfast , eat oatmeal, fruits and drink a glass of milk. There are a number of benefits of eating oatmeal. Avoid coffee or tea when possible, or at cut down on the number of cups per day. Drink green tea instead. Green tea is an anti-oxidant and helps keep your blood pressure in check. Just make sure you have a good breakfast, keeping it as healthy as possible. Avoid oily stuff.

  4. Eat a balanced lunch: Do not overeat any time. Do not overeat during your breakfast too. Eat just enough to keep you hunger pangs at bay. For lunch, make sure you include green vegetables and soup.
    Vegetables to keep you fit and lean
    Vegetables to keep you fit and lean

    Eating a salad with green vegetables and fruits will help balance your lunch. Avoid oily and fried stuff as much as possible.

  5. Eat Smaller, Frequent Portions: During the day, have smaller and frequent eating breaks if you like. Just do not overeat at one go. If you are hungry, you may want to have a small snack instead of a full lunch or meal. Eat fruits often and drink water at regular intervals.
  6. Drink a lot of water during the day. Drink a glass of water every 2 hours or so. Try to finish 2 liters of water during the day. This will keep your body hydrated and also reduce your hunger pangs a bit.

    Drink water regularly to keep your body hydrated
    Drink water regularly to keep your body hydrated
  7. At least 2 hours between dinner and bedtime: Now to the most important part (this has the maximum impact): Eat a light dinner, preferably just fruits and salad. Avoid eating meat during dinner. This may be a tough one. Try to keep at least 3 hours gap between the time you eat your dinner and by the time you go to bed. Never go to bed with a full stomach! This is one of the main causes of weight gain. Our body accumulates fat from all the undigested food that remains in our body overnight. Engage in some light activity after your dinner till you go to sleep. Sleeping on a light stomach is key to losing weight quickly and keeping the weight off till you change your lifestyle again. When you get up in the morning, you should be feeling hungry. This is good because you are about to ‘break’ your ‘fast’ with a healthy ‘breakfast’.
  8. In fact, there are people who eat just oatmeal for dinner at least 5 times a week. This is the best meal you can have for dinner. Not only does it satisfy your appetite, it gets digested very easily. Due to it’s high fiber content it also helps clear your bowels smoothly. The best part is, you are sleeping on a light stomach, and at the same time not feeling hungry. In the morning, you will feel lighter and will be looking forward to a king-sized healthy breakfast.
  9. Cut down Alcohol Consumption: Minimize alcohol consumption to cut down on calorie intake. A lot of times we tend to overeat while or after drinking.
  10. Green Tea Helps: Drink 2 cups of green tea each day preferably without sugar and cream. Avoid tea or coffee if possible.
  11. Avoid your auto when you can: Try to walk as much as possible each day. Park a little away from your office and walk it down. Go walking to your grocery store or to the library. Take your kids for a walk in the park. Go trekking when possible.
  12. Do not be a couch potato: Do not eat while watching TV. You often do not realize how much you have eaten!


These are very simple tips people can follow. You need not do everything mentioned here. Do as much as you can, and if you shed even 1-2 pounds in a week, you will be very motivated to stretch yourself a little more to lose more weight. All these tips for weight loss mentioned here do not cost you anything. In fact, it may cut your gas bill if you walk more!

Good luck with your “weight loss in a week” program. I hope you do lose weight in 7-8 days. Adopt this lifestyle and you will be able to keep the weight off, effortlessly.