Burning 700 Calories A Day: How Much To Eat To Burn 700 Calories

Some calories are burned daily even without doing anything. But, if a person wants to lose weight or burn more calories than they would normally, they would need to do some cardiovascular exercises.

  • Burning 700 Calories a day results in 3,500 Calories burned off in a 5-day work out per week.
  • That is equivalent to losing one pound.
  • This type of workout is not recommended done on a regular basis because it could have some serious issues with over-straining.
  • It is doable though and with some help, it is also possible to burn 700 calories from home.

How To Burn 700 Calories A Day At Home?

Here are some exercises that can help burn 700 calories even when at home.

  • Treadmill, Stair Master, Stationary Bikes, and the Elliptical
    • These keep the body in constant motion and get the heart pumping at a fat burning rate
    • Most equipments will also have calorie counters that can tell the user how many calories they have burned off so far
    • In general, a 7 mile run on a treadmill at a moderate difficulty can help burn 700 calories
    • The numbers are variable and will depend on the machine used and its setting
  • ¬†Exercise Videos
    • High powered exercise videos are a great way to burn off about 700 calories in one session
    • Tae-Bo and Kickboxing are also great options
  • Shifting Exercises
    • This can include sit ups, jumping rope lunges
    • These keep the heart rate up while avoiding plateaus

Calorie counters can be used to keep track of how many calories have already been burned off doing everyday tasks (e.

g. laundry, sweeping and vacuuming)

If I Burn 700 Calories A Day, How Much Should I Eat?

Men and women who want to lose weight are often put on a calorie controlled diet. Here are some common recommend caloric intakes:

  • Men: 2,000 Calories/day
  • Women: 1,200 Calories/day

These are flexible numbers because they are going to be dependent of a number of factors including:

  • Height
  • Body Weight
  • Body Type
  • Work and Home Activity Levels (e.g. sedentary, active, etc.)
  • Goal Weight

When a person is burning upwards of 700 calories each day, it may be necessary to boost the caloric intake by around 200 to 400 calories

To get the best computations, it is best to consult with a nutritionist. Most gyms are likely to have resident nutritionists helping members. The nutritionist is going to take all necessary details and calculate the ideal calorie intake that are needed for safe and effective weight loss based on the standards.