Why You Should Not Drink Alcohol When Trying To Lose Weight?

Losing weight is something that every obese individual will like to do. Although a difficult task, a firm determination and high motivation can achieve this aim. The first priority is to restrict foods that are high in calories. This also includes alcohol which is consumed at large by men and women.

Yes, alcohol and weight loss are at two opposite ends. An occasional drink once in a while may not matter but exceeding one or two drinks daily can sabotage your weight loss goal. There are reasons for alcohol being an enemy for people intending to start weight loss program.

Let us know the reasons.

How Does Alcohol Hinder Weight Loss?

There are several causes for alcohol to hinder weight loss. Let us know them:

  • Alcohol is loaded with calories and it has not any nutritive value. Every gram of alcohol consists of 7 calories. It is more than one gram of protein and carbohydrate. One gram of protein or carbohydrate contains 4 calories and fat contains 9 calories. Unlike protein and carbohydrate containing foods which after eating certain amount you feel your stomach is full, alcohol does not lead to this type of satiety.
    In fact a person may not realize how much he is drinking and consume more. In addition there is increase of calories from the food that you eat. Besides alcohol other things such as syrups and colas added to alcohol will also increase calorie content and interrupt your weight loss effort.
  • Alcohol gets quickly absorbed in the blood and reaches the liver unlike the food that you eat. Liver has to work harder to process and eliminate alcohol from the system. Since liver is at work it cannot attend processing other nutrients such as carbohydrate and fat. Hence the circulating calorie in blood is converted and stored as fat in different parts of the body. This may hence be not beneficial for those intending to lose weight.
  • Alcohol has diuretic quality. Hence drinking more can lead to increased urination and perspiration which may cause loss of fluid from the body. Along with the loss of water, person also looses other nutrients such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium etc. These minerals are important for metabolic process and muscle activity. Alcohol hinders both these processes.
  • Alcohol can reduce your inhibitions. Actually alcohol can stimulate you to eat more food than it is required. Drinking alcohol with your meals or before meals will increase your appetite. This may be bad when you are on weight loss program. Consuming excess of calories or overindulging can result in addition of fat in your waistline. To avoid this, it is better to eat your meal first and then drink. This will automatically reduce the consumption of alcohol.
  • Most people consume accompaniments such as peanuts, chips, etc while drinking alcohol. All of them contain excess of salt which will lead to increased thirst. This will encourage the person to drink more alcohol or colas and they are loaded with excess of calories.

Alcohol thus must be avoided when you are on weight loss regimen. It adds calories to your body, interrupts smooth metabolism, and encourages you to eat more. All these factors ultimately become hindrance to accomplish your weight loss target.