Usana Vitamins And Pregnancy: Prenatal Vitamin Supplements

A healthy baby starts or is achieved by having a healthy mother, so it is advisable for a pregnant woman to be ready for a nutritionally demanding part of her life. Usana vitamins supplements are good combination for an expectant mother.

Prenatal Vitamins During Pregnancy

Usana vitamins contain the following prenatal vitamins and minerals needed during pregnancy:

  • Folic acid – aids in the development of central nervous system during early fetal growth.
  • Iron – helps increase blood volume to meet demands of the fetus and placenta
  • Calcium – vital for bone and teeth development of the baby and minimizes the risk of pregnancy induced hypertension
  • Iodine – provides for the increasing iodine need of the fetus preventing occurrence of irreversible mental retardation
  • Vitamin D – necessary for fetal development as well as bone and tooth formation and calcium homeostasis
  • Zinc – provides zinc to mother preventing the link to low birth weight of the baby

Usana Vitamins And Pregnancy

  • Selenium – boosts muscle strength of the baby
  • Magnesium – prevents pre-eclampsia or pregnancy related leg cramps to the mother as well as fetal abnormalities
  • Vitamin B6 – prevents the risks of behavioral abnormalities, motor disorders and low birth weight
  • Protein – supports fetal tissue growth and placenta.

With the mentioned nutrition facts, not only will the pregnant woman have a healthy immune system, the needs of the growing fetus will also be well-provided for, aiding in its healthy development.

Side Effects Of Usana Vitamins

There are not much recorded side effects on taking usana vitamins. However, excess consumption of usana vitamins may cause nausea, dizziness, palpitations and a strong odor in urine in some cases.

Usana vitamins have to be ordered online and are not available in local stores.