Benefits Of Niacin: Health Benefits Of Niacinamide Or Vitamin B3

Benefits Of Niacin For Hair

  • Studies are underway in the possibility of using niacin to actually grow real hair.
  • A totally natural way to grow hair is in the makings. There are promising benefits of niacin for hair.
  • Since the Vitamin B3 succeeds in opening up blood vessels and increasing circulation, it may well be what’s needed to stimulate the scalp to grow or re-grow hair without costly and dangerous hair transplants.

Benefits Of Niacin

  • The way that niacin decreases cholesterol has a very big effect on how and why it can grow hair.
  • Taking niacin or niacin containing foods for as little as 21 days can show marked decreases in cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • That is one powerful vitamin, known as Vitamin B3 and has great advantage for heart patients to and anyone wanting their hair back.
  • Niacin is essential in everyone’s diet for energy. It can be found in chicken, tuna, salmon, beets, turkey, and other foods that are considered high protein.

Health Benefits Of Niacinimide

  • The health benefits of niacinimide are tremendous. Niacinimide is one of the many forms that niacin is available in. Each form serves different functions.
  • Niacin helps prevent the build up of plaque in the vessels, thereby drastically cutting down on strokes and cardiac infarction.
  • Studies have shown that niacinimide has a positive effect on cartilage around joints in those with bone issues.

Vitamin B3 Benefits

  • It may decrease the need of all the meds needed for pain in arthritis and help them to move around more freely.
  • This vitamin also is helpful in breaking down foods so we can use the energy, making hormones, and assisting in making red and white blood cells. It is multi functional.
  • Niacinimide has also been linked to helping people with Raynauds disease restore circulation to their hands and feet and to decrease the numbness and tingling these patients experience.