Scarless Hair Transplant: Benefits of No Scar Hair Transplantation

Scarless Hair Transplantation

In the early days of hair transplants, the prospect of wearing patches of artificial-looking hair dissuaded a lot of people from undergoing such treatment. With the advancements in medicine, scarless hair transplant is now possible, with more effective results. Individuals with worries over thinning or loss of hair can depend on more substantial technologies that won’t leave any permanent scars on their scalp or forehead.

  • Restoring hair back to its healthy and fuller state can be done through follicular unit transplantation.
  • It is founded on the medical fact that hair grows together in a bundle called follicular unit.
  • This unit itself contains, tiny muscles, blood vessels, glands that secrete sweat and collagen. Thus, these units ensure maximum growth of hair when they are transplanted to the areas with thinning hair.

No Scar Hair Transplant Procedure

  • A unit is extracted under a system called stereo-microscopic dissection, which avoids damage to the follicles.
  • It is then transplanted on the area with little or no hair.
  • Only small circles, more like dots, are left on the patient’s scalp, which can become undetectable after full recovery.

Cost of Follicular Unit Transplantation

  • Costs of a procedure depend on factors such as the reputation of the surgeon, location of practice and the desired results of the patient.
  • Total fees are calculated from the number of sections that is needed for the transplant.
  • Smaller sections may cost several thousand while larger areas can reach up to tens of thousands.
  • Consultation fee of the doctor usually would cost a little over the hundred range.

Benefits of Scarless Hair Transplantation

  • Results are permanent and the new hair growth looks more natural.
  • No scars left on the scalp.
  • Positive boost to the patient’s self-esteem.