Scarless Eye Bag Removal: No Scar Eyelid Surgery Treatment

Eyebags can be a cause of lack of sleep or tiredness but in some cases, they are hereditary. To avoid looking tired all the time, a simple surgical procedure can help eliminate the bags under the eyes.

This procedure, also called trans-conjunctival approach, is characterized by an incision on the eyelid’s inner side to remove the fat under the eyes.

  • It leaves no visible scars as the incision is closed using stitches that fade as they heal.
  • It is minimally invasive and requires only local anesthesia.
  • Eyelids can encounter changes that go with the person’s age.
    Surgery and eyelid lifts can correct signs of aging such as droopy eyelids.
  • Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery works to remove wrinkles and excess skin to create a more youthful look.
  • The thin incision is done on the upper eyelid’s crease that will disappear within the natural fold of the skin.
  • Lower eyelid surgery addresses the need to remove puffiness.

Scarless Eyelid Removal Technique

  • Double eyelids, sought by most Asians, can be achieved by enhancing the natural crease.
  • It is effective and the results are permanent.
  • There is no incision or cutting of the skin involved in the procedure.
  • This technique can give the person bigger-looking eyes.
  • It can increase the height of the fold to bring out double eyelids.
  • It is most suitable for upper eyelids that are moderately sagging and puffy.
  • Procedure can be reversible if the patient decides to make a few changes.