Scarless Breast Lift: Cost, No Scar Breast Lift Before and After

Breast lift, or mastopexy, that uses sophisticated methods that do not leave visible long-term marks on the skin.

  • The most popular scarless breast lift entails the use of procedures involving laser technology.
  • Another scarless method uses ultrasound technology that retracts the skin and tightens the area around the breast.
  • The non-invasive system used in skin contouring or face lifts is now also used in mastopexy.
  • Doctors also utilize a procedure called feather lift or thread lift, which are surgical threads that adhere to the skin tissues with its hook-like ends.

Scarless Breast Lift Surgery Before And After

  • Having this type of procedure is ideal for women whose breast appearance has changed through time and other factors such as pregnancy.
  • Best candidates for scarless breast lift surgery are women who are healthy in both body and emotional state.
  • The procedure is often effective with women who small, sagging breasts as the results may not be have long-term effects on women with full-bodied breasts.
  • It is not advisable for women to have breast lift if there are still plans of pregnancy in the future.
  • Discuss the procedure with the doctor thoroughly to understand the method, implications and possible side effects, if any.
  • Guidelines on preparing for the procedure will be given, which may include restrictions on diet, smoking, drinking or intake of certain medications.
  • After the procedure, the breasts may be advised to be taped in place to achieve the desired results.
  • Some swelling or bruising may occur temporarily after the lift procedure.
  • A rest period of at least one week may be needed.

Scarless Breast Lift Cost

  • Costs differ from state to state as is the case for cosmetic enhancements.
  • A highly qualified plastic surgeon who has done extensive breast lift procedures may charge more than the regular fee.
  • The fee may reach to several thousands within the four-figure range, which includes paying for the facility, administrative activities and equipment.

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