Scarless Arm Lift: Cost & Side Effects of No Scar Arm Lift Procedure

The skin underneath the upper arms has a tendency to flap or sag as one matures without the benefit of regular exercise. There is a form of surgery that can enhance the appearance of flabby arms that would not leave scars permanently.

  • A type of surgery that improves the physical appearance of the arms but without the visible vertical scar associated with traditional arm lifts.
  • The scar is effectively hidden within the patient’s armpit, which makes it virtually undetected unless scrutinized at close range.
  • This arm lift is ideal for people whose weight is within their ideal range, as too much fat on the sagging arms is better treated with other procedures like liposuction.
  • The incision is made starting from the area of the elbow leading to the armpit.
  • Fatty deposits and extra skin is cut off, after which the incision is sutured off.
  • Minimal scar is left within the armpit but is hidden from other’s view.
  • As the scar heals in time, it will lighten and fade away.
  • It is a form of outpatient surgery that allows the patient to go home after recovering from the effects of general anesthesia.

Scarless Arm Lift Cost

  • People who plan to undergo such surgical operation can expect to pay thousands to achieve their desired goal.
  • Factors influence the total amount for an arm lift including anesthesia, the hospital fees, equipment, supplies and the surgeon’s fee.
  • Arm tucks can be done along with other procedures like breast lift or breast reduction. Doctors usually give a package rate to cover all the operating costs.

Scarless Arm Lift Side Effects

  • Patients should be warned against possible complications or risks from arm lift surgery.
  • The upper arms may experience infection.
  • Bleeding after surgery
  • Depressions or irregularities in the skin around the operated area.

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