Body Implants Types: Silicon And Metal Body Modification Implants

The concept of having implants is to insert objects into the person’s body in order to create a desired shape.

Body implantation are not what most people think of. When implants are mentioned, most typical persons imagine butt implants, bicep implants and the like.

Body implants that are common these days, include piercings, stapling, beading, magnetic implants, transdermal implants, and even eyeball implants.

With body implantation, implants or objects are inserted into the person’s skin in order to create a desired shape. Some people have had numerous implants on their bodies that they can no longer be recognized as they were before.

Various Types Of Body Implants

  • Body implants refers to an implant paced under the skin for decorative purposes.
  • Implants are either placed subdermally or transdermally.
  • Different kinds of implants are used; the most commonly used include silicone and metal.
  • Body implants procedure can be done by a doctor, medical professionals, or body modification artists.
  • This procedure takes body modification to a whole new level.

There are different types of implant procedures popularly performed on the body.

  • Surface Piercing
  • Transdermal implant
  • Clavicle piercing
  • Deep chest piercing
  • Flesh stapling, plating, and pocketing
  • Eyeball implant
  • Genital beading and ribs
  • Magnetic implants
  • Scrotal implants
  • Horn implants
  • Subdermal implant or 3D-Art Implant

Extreme Body Implants

  • This refers to the extreme modification of the body that changes the entire person’s appearance, making him or her unrecognizable.
  • The use of different body implants have become a growing trend in youth today.
  • Some of the youth are taking this level to the extreme, creating implants that physically change their appearance.

Silicon And Metal Body Implants

  • Silicone has been commonly used as an implant.
  • Some of the 3D-Art implant makes use of silicone because it causes fewer reactions from the body and decreases the risk of complications.
  • Some professionals, however, opt not to use silicone because its shape can easily be altered with pressure or over time.

Body Metal Implants

  • Metal is the most popularly used type of implant in the youth today.
  • Many metallic objects come in more interesting shapes that interest many individuals to have implanted under their skin.
  • Metal is also frequently chosen because it is hard and holds into place. The shape or result the individual is going for is far better achieved.
  • The disadvantage with metal implants is the chance of body rejection or reaction, infection, and corrosion (depending on the type of metal).
  • Common materials used in metal body implants include cobalt chrome, stainless steel, as well as titanium.