Why Do My Hands Get Wrinkly In Water So Fast? Home Remedies

Finding wrinkles on fingers and toes is not uncommon after staying for long in water. Almost everyone will agree that they have wrinkles on their finger tips and toes after spending prolonged time in water. The most surprising aspect is no one has paid much attention to this phenomenon because after some hours the skin itself becomes normal.

It does not disturb regular life of the person. So what is the reason for this to occur while rest part of body skin does not wrinkle? Let us understand the reason underlying it.

What Causes My Hands Turn Wrinkly In Water?

When a person comes out from the bath tub or swimming pool or washing his hands with soap water for a prolonged period of time, he is sure his body has become clean. The skin has become smooth and supple. But when he looks on at his fingers and toes, he realizes that the skin of this area is wrinkled just like raisins. Although the symptom does not indicate any seriousness, we must know the reason.

Actually the skin cells consists of natural oil called sebum.

It is present in the outer most part of skin called dermis. Sebum keeps the skin moist, lubricated and protects it from environmental pollution. In fact a bit of oiliness keeps the skin waterproof. Water does not easily seep inside the skin through the skin pores. It actually gets washed away when you clean your hands and legs with water. But when you stay for long time in water, it washes away the skin oil. Hence water now can make its way into the skin’s outer layer the epidermis.

When too much of water enters into the skin it becomes waterlogged. The epidermis of hands and feet is different. It is thicker than rest of the skin of body and also consists of more dead skin cells. The dead skin cells act like sponge and soak water easily. When the epidermis of hands and feet is saturated with water it becomes swollen. The swollen layer pulls skin’s deeper layer. However, the deeper layer is firmly attached to the skin fibers. Hence this pulling and resistance from the deeper layer causes presence of wrinkles when you spend lot of time in water.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Wrinkled Hands

Pruney fingers are not something new or a serious disorder. It is a temporary condition that resolves quickly within few hours after exposure to water for long period of time. As soon as your body becomes dry your finger and toe skin becomes normal. However, if you want to reduce its appearance, you can take care of your hands using natural moisturizer. For example apply olive oil as soon as you come out of water.

You can also soak your hands and feet with coconut oil before taking bath. This will reduce wrinkling later on when you come out of water. Aloe vera gel is known to make the skin more elastic and prevent wrinkles. Egg yolk and oatmeal are other two natural options that you can apply on your wrinkled fingers and toes.