Warts Vs Skin Tags: Difference Between Skin Tags And Genital Warts

Warts and skin tags are both common skin conditions in human beings. Both are harmless, abnormal, and non cancerous skin growths. However there are many differences between them.

What Are Warts?

The causative organism for warts is human pappiloma virus (HPV). There are many types of warts; some are painful while others do not bother a person in any way. Warts are present in children as well as in adults. Warts can grow anywhere on the body, but prominent areas where they are often present are foot, hands, and fingers. Warts can also develop on the mucus lining of the genitals; these warts are called condyloma.

Warts are cauliflower in shape with a sharp defined margin. Warts are half to one centimeter in diameter. The upper surface of a wart can be smooth, or rugged with cracks. Wart can spread from one person to another. Warts on exposed areas can get lacerated and bleed. They can spread to different sites in the same individual or the virus can affect other individual who comes in contact with it. Usually warts develop when a person’s immune system is not up to its mark.

What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are hanging skin appendages which are attached to the skin by a narrow stalk.

They are tiny, harmless and non cancerous skin growths. Skin tags appear normally in the middle age; however it can also be seen in young adults and obese children.

Skin tags are caused due to repeated friction of skin to skin or friction with clothing. The other precipitating factors for skin tags are obesity, hormonal changes as observed during pregnancy and puberty. Heredity is also known triggering cause for skin tags.

Skin tags are not contagious, that means they do not spread from person to person by contact. Neck, eyelids, armpits and groins are the areas where you will find skin tags.

The color of the skin tag can be similar to that of skin or slightly dark.

Difference Between Skin Tags And Genital Warts

  • Genital warts: Causative organism is a virus (Human pappiloma virus).

Skin tags: there is no organism involved. Obesity, heredity, hormonal changes, and constant skin to skin friction are the triggering factor.

  • Genital warts: they are cauliflower shaped structure in clusters present on the penile shaft, or on the scrotum or in the anal region in male and on external vulva and anal region in females. They are classified as sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Skin tags: They can appear anywhere on the body, but neck, eyelids, groin and underarms is the usual area.

  • Genital warts: they are usually rough.

Skin tags are smooth.

  • Genital warts can be prevented by taking precautions such as wearing a condom, washing hands.

Skin tags: there is no precautionary measure for skin tags.

Removal Of Warts And Skin Tags

  • Warts removal: though warts do not need any treatment if present on the exposed areas, some people prefer to remove it for cosmetic reasons. A wart can be removed with chemical cauterization, or with an electrical cauterization or by freezing with liquid nitrogen. In some cases wart needs to be removed surgically. Alternative treatment is homeopathic medicine Thuja. Apply Thuja mother tincture on the wart regularly to remove it.
  • Skin tags: skin tags can be removed at home by tying a thread or dental floss to the narrow stalk. Skin tag can also be removed in your physician’s office. He may remove it by freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen or incise it with a surgical scalpel.