Causes And Types Of Warts On The Neck: How To Get Rid Of Them?

Warts are tiny solid skin growths that may usually appear on hand, feet, neck, and genital areas. Warts are caused by a type of virus called human papillomavirus. Once virus enters the skin, it increases the growth of keratin at a faster pace. Keratin is a type of protein present on top layer of skin.

The tiny bump that you observe is due to a layer of keratin. Warts on neck can be troublesome, especially when they protrude from the skin surface. It rubs against the cloth or collar and cause irritation.

Warts on neck therefore often bleed.

There may be either single of multiple warts. They are usually on one side of neck, but at the same time they can be bilateral. Often warts are confused with moles, but they are different from each other. While warts usually have same color as that of skin, moles are darker than surrounding skin. Moles are not caused by virus. They are not contagious where as warts are warts are contagious. This means the virus can spread from one person to another through contact if the skin is broken.

 Types Of Warts On Neck

There are different types of warts. Common warts are rough, raised and firm. They have cauliflower like appearance. Common warts can occur anywhere on the skin surface, but they are usually present on fingers, knuckles, elbows and knees. They may in rare instances occur on neck area.

Filiform warts are mostly common in neck area. They are benign tumors. They are long and project out from the skin surface. They appear as a twig that is attached to the skin by a stalk. Often filiform warts are troublesome because they may get entangled in jewelry worn around the neck or it can rub against the collar of your shirt leading to irritation and in some cases bleeding. Filiform warts may grow in clusters, mostly on one side, but in some cases they may grow on both the sides.

How Do You Get Warts On Your Neck?

Warts anywhere on the body develop due to human papilloma virus. The virus is spread from close contact with an infected person having warts. It may also spread from towels, shoes and utensils used by a person suffering from warts.

Just as other virus infection, warts appear when your immune system is weak. Warts develop in areas where the skin remains moist and wet. It also develops in areas which rub constantly against rough surface. Since neck gets constantly rubbed against rough area such as collar of shirt or remains wet due to perspiration for long time, the risk of wart development is more in this area.

How To Get Rid Of Warts On The Neck?

Warts on neck can be removed in the same way as warts on other parts of body. In some cases they even fall off without treatment. But this may take years. For this reason treatment may be necessary to reduce the risk of bleeding, irritation and discomfort caused by warts on neck.

  • One of the best treatments for removal warts is homeopathic medicine Thuja. Apply mother tincture over the wart for few days or weeks. The wart usually falls off after some days or weeks.
  • Duct tape is another home remedy that can easily deal with warts without any difficulty. You can get rid of warts on neck as well as warts on any other body parts by placing duct tape over the wart. Usually duct tape is placed over the wart for seven days. It is then removed and the wart is soaked in warm water. After drying the area, the wart is rubbed and gently. It usually falls off.
  • Cryotherapy is another procedure done in a doctor’s office. Liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the wart and it is freezed. Freezing destroys the cells and later on wart falls off within few days.
  • If there are many warts on neck, laser therapy is found beneficial. It may take only one sitting to remove all the warts. Laser removal of warts is safe and successful.
  • Patient should also improve his immunity as those having low immune level are more susceptible to such virus infection.